IBM i Features

IBM i on Power Systems has unique capabilities to help your business and remote team.

IBM Navigator for i

IBM Navigator for i provides the capability of managing many aspects of your systems, controlling devices and even monitoring performance from a web browser wherever your team has sheltered. There are also a few additional offerings you can utilize if you aren’t already.

IBM i Mobile Access

IBM i Mobile Access allows users to access their IBM i environments from any mobile device that supports a browser. Your team can view CPU utilization, jobs, operator messages and more on a dashboard from a browser on any mobile device from wherever they may be located during this time.

IBM i Access Client Solutions

IBM i Access Client Solutions allows your team to do system management functions, file transfers, etc. all from any location on any system that supports Linux, Mac or Windows.

IBM Rational Developer for i

IBM Rational Developer for i is an integrated development environment that loads on a desktop and allows programmers to work unattached from anywhere on their laptop. Your team can write code for IBM i applications without having to be directly attached to the server.

IBM Db2 Web Query for i

IBM Db2 Web Query for i is a business intelligence and analytics platform that allows generation of data analytics information and visuals from Db2 which can be delivered over the Internet to employees and executives located anywhere and on any device.

IBM Db2 Mirror for i

IBM Db2 Mirror for i is a high availability solution that enables continuous availability of mission-critical applications regardless of a planned or unplanned outage.

IBM i for Business