Frequently Asked Questions

How are these programs structured?

All programs are set up to be 1 year in length and are billed on a monthly basis. Discounts for pre-paid programs are available.

What if we want to cancel the program?

Our programs are designed to be client friendly. If you feel the service is not meeting your needs, you can cancel at any time. We will simply terminate the service and remove the software from the server.

What if my business already has an IT staff?

Our programs are quite flexible. Often times, our programs are utilized to offload the routine, repetitive, non-strategic maintenance tasks from your highly skilled IT staff, allowing them to concentrate their efforts on more important strategic initiatives aimed at making your business more productive and profitable.

What does my company need to provide to implement this service?

Our programs only require two things:

  • An always on Internet connection (cable, DSL, etc.) with a static IP address
  • A dedicated or multifunction server.

Do I need a high-priced firewall with Virtual Private Network (VPN) connections?

While it is a good business practice to secure your business systems with a quality firewall, we do not require any VPN connections. Our Central Monitoring Console communicates securely with your network without the need to modify your existing security infrastructure.

How can my business save money by using the Tri-Delta Resources' IT Service programs?

Our programs will give you predictable and affordable monthly costs, increased systems performance, increased reliability (automated monitoring, patch management, security enforcement, etc.) and pro-active IT management, allowing you to more effectively utilize your IT budget and resources.