Disaster Recovery Testimonials

A game-changer in a real disaster

Over the last 3 years we’ve have been working with Tri-Delta Resources as our Disaster Recovery partner. The DR service they have put together works very well and it is much more than just DR. The Citrix Portal we utilize makes remote access for my users very simple, go to a web address, use their normal logins and there are their applications, fast and simple. That is a game-changer in a real disaster.
Kevin D., CIO, Buffalo, NY

Service has been outstanding

Over the last 3 plus years we’ve have been working with Tri-Delta Resources as our Disaster Recovery partner. The experience and service has been outstanding. Our systems are protected locally for both data loss and business continuity. More importantly, we know from our ongoing testing processes that we can continue operations should we have a total site failure. Their solution is the most comprehensive I have seen and the service even better.
Tim A., IT Director, Wilmington, DE

Extremely satisfied with the results

Cayuga Medical Center has contracted with Tri-Delta to provide disaster recovery services for our MEDITECH 6.0 environment. We utilize their hybrid replication and tape based offering to shorten recovery times. We have tested several times and both CMC and MEDITECH were extremely satisfied with the results. I can't say enough about the team of people and the lengths Tri-Delta is willing to go to get things done!!! Great Team to work with!!!
Tom McGrath, Infrastructure Engineer, Information Systems, Cayuga Medical Center

A proven disaster recovery partner

In the last two years we’ve had to declare a disaster with Tri-Delta twice as the result of significant regional weather events. In both instances, Tri-Delta was able to have our systems operational in a short amount of time. We have run our operations out of their data center for several days with few issues. Tri-Delta is a proven disaster recovery partner for our organization.
Lincoln Lynch, IT Manager, YMCA of Long Island