The announcement about the acquisition of GEMKO by Tri-Delta Resources.

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Dear Valued Clients,

On behalf of the GEMKO Board of Directors, I want to share with you some exciting news.

GEMKO has taken another step forward to strengthen our ability to provide you with exceptional consulting and I.T. services. I am delighted to announce GEMKO has been acquired by the local I.T. solution provider firm, Tri-Delta Resources as of April 1, 2021.

Tri-Delta Resources has been providing value-added I.T. services and solutions for over 35 years to their clients as well as to some GEMKO clients. This acquisition brings together the vast experience and deep technical skills of both firms to create a stronger expanded solution provider to address your ever changing business needs.

As technology continues to evolve and be a necessity for you, our clients, business operations and success, it became clear that GEMKO becoming part of Tri-Delta was the best long term strategy for our staff and clients.

GEMKO being acquired by a “like” I.T. Solution provider was a strategic path the Board of Directors and I explored over the years; the timing of this acquisition was facilitated by my decision to pursue a new career opportunity and finding the “right” strategic acquisition partner.

I am leaving the consulting industry to join a company in private industry. Before leaving it was important for the Board of Directors and I to make sure our staff and clients were in “good hands”, I am confident the GEMKO team under the Tri-Delta family will continue to provide you with the same level of services you have come to expect and more!

The GEMKO team (Chris, Ron, Mike Sz., Zach, Samantha) you have trusted and worked with over the years is already seamlessly transitioning over to Tri-Delta to minimize any disruption in your services.

Over the next few days and weeks, you can expect to hear from Tri-Delta Resources for introductions, open business, open projects... Do not hesitate to reach out to Bob Anthony (Owner of Tri-Delta Resources) or I with any questions. My last day is April 7, 2021.

In closing, I sincerely valued your business, trust, friendships and treasure the relationships we developed over the years; I will miss our day-to-day interactions and hope we are able to stay in touch!

Michael Budzich