A Seismic shift in the backup, disaster recovery landscape

Written by Scott Hahn on 2014-05-06 Posted in Servers, Disaster Recovery

Virtualization makes the difference

With the rise of virtualization we have seen a drastic shift in the backup and disaster recovery choices our customers can employ. In the traditional physical server world the vast majority of our customers were leveraging Symantec Backup Exec, writing backups to tape. There are a number of challenges to this approach that we have seen customers struggle with through the years:

  • Tape being slow and unreliable
  • Backup Exec stability problems
  • Long backup times
  • Large Backup sets
  • Difficulties in restoring to dissimilar hardware
  • Recovery time objectives not able to be met

With the jump to server virtualization new backup options have opened up for customers. We have seen most customers jump to whole machine, hypervisor aware backup technology. The biggest choices we see in this area are PHD Virtual, and Veeam. Some of the advantages of these technologies include:

  • Backup to disk (NAS/SAN/Local Disk)
  • Shorter backup times
  • Deduplication and reduction in data being backed up
  • Increase in recovery points
  • Ability to recover or failover to recovery data centers in minutes or hours, instead of days.

The benefits above have been critical for our customers in being able to meet their Disaster recovery needs in a way they never could before. We have many customers who have designed their computing environment so that they have internal failover to separate hardware, in addition to external replication to a third data center for disaster recovery. Using hypervisor aware backup methodologies allows them economically achieve business goals that in the past were available only to larger enterprises.

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Scott joined Tri-Delta Resources in 2005 and has been a principal consultant since then.  He focuses his activities on assisting companies of all sizes in virtualization, messaging, disaster recovery and cloud preparedness.  

Scott is a senior technologist with over 20 years of experience in Information Technology.  He is also a past member of the board of directors for InfoTech Niagara, the regions premier IT trade association. You can contact Scott through LinkedIn.

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